I nearly didn’t get a blog up today. Several days ago I received notification from my provider that a comment had been posted on one of my older blogs. It was a typical piece of spam: just a series of links to who knows what. When I went to this blog-site to deal with it, lo and behold I couldn’t get into my own site!

After several fruitless attempts I decided to leave it alone and try again the next day. The next day, the same thing happened. The third attempt was made in the evening, sitting next to the Old Boy. After listening to me use language that totally lacked any couth, he sighed deeply and said, in a resigned-typical-female-needs-my-expertise kind of way, “I’ll log in for you.” Much muttering ensued. Nothing was achieved.

Needless to day, my wonderful techno-freakish Old Boy finally reinstated the status quo. I think he used magic to do it. And, here I am.

So, I ask myself: what kind of person is a spammer? What sad, twisted little life do they lead that making things difficult for other people, is their greatest joy? What sort of person gets out of bed in the morning and challenges themselves to see how many people they can disadvantage in one day? Are they related to the phone spammers? Is there a distinct, as yet scientifically un-catalogued, sub-species of human beings that delight in praying on the vulnerability and, sometimes, good will of others, for either financial or emotional gain?

I beat they dine daily on boiled Brussels sprouts, boiled cauliflower and mushy broad beans. Perhaps if they stopped dining on the spawn of hell, they might act a little nicer. It’s a theory.