Next weekend I’ll be presenting a session on the Rainbird murders, 1861, to whoever turns up as part of the Kapunda history month celebrations. I have no idea how many will be there but I figure there has to be at least one. After all, there’s always a reasonable audience for a murder story, and True Crime is a best seller… Right?

When I agreed to do it, I wondered if I had enough to fill in the hour and a quarter time slot. That fear dissipated several weeks ago. Now I’m wondering how I will manage to squeeze it all in in such a short time!

It’s been interesting going through all my research again. I’d not looked at it for over a year. I’ve tried to get a book on the subject published but no joy so far. After the last rejection I decided that perhaps it wasn’t meant to be and I should move on to other projects. But now the juices are flowing again; the passion is still there; the story won’t let go. So… I guess I’ll have to give it another go. Maybe doing a presentation to a live audience will help me figure out what I’ve been getting wrong in the written version.

The Old Boy has been a great help. Thanks to him I’ll have some photos that’ll hopefully keep the audience interested, and he’ll be manning the power point. He’s quite passionate about this story, too, and is supportive and encouraging.

So, most of the time the loins are girded, the helmet is on straight and I’m all fired up. The rest of the time I’m thinking, “What am I doing?!!”