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Oct 7, 2017 | 18 comments

I’ve just had the latest dose of Denosumab. (Immediately my mind says: Ah Denosumab, Grand Vizier to the court of pharaoh and close friend of Imhotep.) Chatting with fellow patients while I waited, I was once more reminded of what a blessing this drug is to me. Next month, it will be six years since diagnosis. Six years!

Anyhoo … I’m feeling a bit crap as a result of this wonder drug, so I’m not going to comment on Trump’s display of statesmanship with the hurricanes – especially poor little Puerto Rico – and the Las Vegas massacre. I’m sure you all have your own opinions on that. Neither will I comment on his latest executive order that restricts women’s access to birth control. (I grit my teeth with the effort to restrain myself.) I won’t even comment on his foreign diplomacy. (nnngggnnn … this is getting harder and harder … )

(Non-Australians: feel free to skip this paragraph.) Neither am I going to comment on the Crows’ loss in the Grand Final. (WAH!! Why? Why?) I’m still grieving but I will get through it, eventually. All you Port supporters who are delighting in our disappointment (including family members) let me remind you that the last time your team was in the Grand Final your loss was so crushing it made the record books. So pull your head in!

Instead, I thought it was time to give you an update on my two up-coming books. They are in the hands of the type-setter/format guy. The covers are just about ready and, from what I’ve seen, they’re going to be fabulous! We’re working on who we’ll get to launch the books. And, meanwhile, the publisher is already talking about book three!

It’s all very exciting. However, being the insecure little rabbit that I am, I’m now being plagued by a recurring dream: I hold a book launch and nobody comes. Picture it: the Editor of the publishing house, the two people who are going to speak at the launch, the Old Boy, me and a pile of books, staring at an empty room and listening to the crickets’ chorus. I shiver just thinking about it.

Doesn’t our subconscious like to play silly beggars with our minds?!! Maybe it’s just me; in which case, I blame the drugs.

Stay safe out there and, if Mr T hasn’t goaded Nth Korea into destroying the world with their nuclear weapons by then, perhaps I’ll see one or two of you at my book launch. Please?

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