I should be thinking about my blog this morning but I can’t settle to it. Serious fires are raging not that far away from me and many people I know have had to leave their homes to find safety.

Last night, I drove to my daughter’s house (we were going out together to see The Hobbit) and it wasn’t that far from the fire front. I could see it ahead of me, like a giant red mushroom cloud. It looked like an atomic explosion. Since then it has gone berserk and is rapidly eating up the beautiful Adelaide Hills with its gorgeous little towns, beautiful farmland and its plethora of wildlife, including kangaroos, wallabies and koalas. The roos will probably get away but those little koalas can’t run any faster than me. (And I never run!) Some of the area under threat is where the Old Boy and I used to live only a few years ago.

I can’t stop thinking of all the livestock in the area: horses, cattle, deer, sheep and alpacas. I hear that some of them have already perished. Many people can move their horses but what do you do if you’ve got a herd of cows, or goats, or alpacas, or sheep? I guess you do what many of us are already doing: pray.

So, I’m praying for everyone and everything under threat. I can’t imagine what it must be like to lose your home, your animals and possibly your family or friends. I’m thankful for the wonderful fire-fighters, mainly volunteers, and I hope they all stay safe.

Let’s try to take better care of this planet – so far it’s the only one we’ve found that is inhabitable. It’s time the powers-that-be stop playing silly buggers with politics and do something pro-active and worthwhile about climate change. I’ll now step down off my soap box.

Take care of the ones you love.