The green-eyed monster

I’m being stalked by the green-eyed monster. I’m trying to give it the slip by keeping my head down and my nose clean, and thinking happy thoughts. But, I can still see it, out of the corner of my eye, lurking around the corner.

So many of my editing clients have had their books published, held book launches, done book signings, run ‘win-a-free-copy’ competitions and generally done all those ‘author-type’ things that come with the territory of getting a book in print. Some even have pretty bookmarks and cute t-shirts to give away.

I want some of that.

Okay, I’ve got a book published as an e-book but it’s not the same. No launches, no book signings, no book-marks, no visit to schools, no free copies to give to special friends…  Sigh.

Most of my clients have been picked up by traditional publishers; lucky them. I’ve had a number of publishers compliment me on my writing but they just can’t find room on their list. I almost wish they’d say they don’t like my writing and that I don’t have any ability and my characters are boring and the story line is dull… At least that would make some sense of it all. Instead they heap praises on me (which is nice) but they don’t want my book (which sucks).

A few of my clients have gone the co-publishing/self-publishing route and they’re now busy selling copies to family and friends. If only I had enough money to pay to get it into print. However, it took a lot of careful juggling of finances to scrape up the pittance (less than $1000) I needed to get the book out as an e-book. There’s no way in heck that I could afford to pay the price for a print version.

I’m getting tired, trying to market my e-book on the net. I have a FB fanpage but it’s a steady job coming up with ‘updates’ to keep the page alive. The people liking the page has dwindled to a very slow trickle. FB will help me advertise the thing, but that will involve regular payments (of course) of money I don’t have. Sigh (again). It all seems too hard for this old duck.

I’m wondering, seriously, whether it’s all worth it. I’ve always wanted to tell stories. I love word-craft. People who’ve read my e-book have given generous, positive feedback. They seem to like it. I know I can write well but… It sometimes feels as if the universe is working against me.

Oh well, back to the keyboard. I’ve just got to keep my head down and my nose clean so that you-know-what can’t sneak up on me.


  1. Trevor Hampel
    Jun 9, 2014

    Oh Wendy, how this so resonates with me. In recent months I’ve almost given up writing on numerous occasions. And along comes a programme like Big Ideas on ABCTV this morning with Marcus Zuzak talking about his failures. It gave me new hope. watch the whole programme – other speakers are just as inspiring. It is on iview here:

    • Wendy Noble
      Jun 10, 2014

      Thanks, Trevor. I’m sorry you’ve been fighting the good fight, too. I find that every time I get discouraged and am tempted to give up, something always comes along that re-ignites the fire within. Sometimes it’s hearing about others’ struggles and sometimes it’s the response of a reader (I especially love those). It’s as if God, the universe and everything is determined to see me carry on. However, I think part of my problem is that I am acutely aware of my used-by date (even tho’ we all have one) and I feel as though my life is slipping away without me getting on with things. Therefore, I wonder if I should be spending my time in other ways. Of course, I can’t think of anything else I’d rather do so then it’s back to square one. 🙂 I expect this mood I’m in will pass, just like all the others. I’m about to go on holiday, so that might help. Don’t give up, mate.

  2. Kylie Leane
    Jun 7, 2014

    This must be very difficult for you, being both an editor and a writer as well. I would truly not know how that would even begin to feel! I think you are doing incredible, it is so hard to keep up the online marketing!! I run out of puff with all the websites I’m linked too, I don’t think people who don’t do it, realize just *HOW* much work is involved trying to throw yourself out there (not to mention how…you know…bad some of us can be at that, some of us are writers because we’re shy and like to sit in a room by ourselves being all…writer-y) — but do you do great and it is such a slow thing. I ended up having to resign myself to just how slow it is going to end up being. My second book is a mess and I doubt it will get finished when I want it to be finished — but I think we do it for the love it — I hope at least. I keep telling myself that, since at the moment, it’s the only thing keeping me going with Book 2 (which is a total mess).
    You are fabulous Wendy, and the world needs beautiful, talented, caring and thoughtful people out there like you who write with the heart.

    • Wendy Noble
      Jun 10, 2014

      Oh Kylie, thank you! I totally get what you’re saying and I’m so dead chuffed you get me, too! We’re a funny lot, aren’t we? I spend a lot of my time hiding in a corner being “all writer-y” and am quite happy in my little world. BUT – every so often it’s important to be reminded that no man/woman is an island. We need the input of others. Encouragement is such a precious thing. AND – you WILL get Book 2 finished and it’ll be just as wonderful as the first book. Just keep taking baby steps and you’ll get there. I really admire your work effort and your brilliant creativity.

  3. Sue Jeffrey
    Jun 7, 2014

    Hi Wendy
    I wrote a long reply but then the blog ate it because I forgot to put my name in so I’ll go with a truncated version. Have you got the print on demand option on Amazon? That wouldn’t least let you (and others) order ‘real’ books :). I can so identify with the green feeling but I know God has called you to write. It’s a hard and awesome road we’ve chosen to follow and its so easy to be discouraged but don’t despair. He will make a way. From what I’ve read e- books build momentum the more you have in a series. Beast Speaker has wide appeal and its a great read. By the time book three is out you may have developed a loyal following :). So keep going and remember the essentials of the writing life: prayer, good friends and chocolate :). Bless ya xx
    PS will email you a couple of links I found useful 🙂

    • Sue Jeffrey
      Jun 7, 2014

      Would not wouldn’t . Sigh. Just as well I married an excellent proofreader 😉

    • Wendy Noble
      Jun 10, 2014

      I haven’t got the print on demand option on Amazon, so I’d appreciate some info as to how I get that. It might be a bit tricky seeing as my publisher is the one who placed it on Amazon, not me. And, thanks for the encouragement. I haven’t had chocolate in ages, so maybe that’s the problem!

  4. Lynne Stringer
    Jun 7, 2014

    Don’t bother with Facebook adveritising, Wendy. I tried it recently and had more success begging my friends to share things on their page than came from the ad. Admittedly, I only spent the lowest amount, but according to Facebook, it still reached over 13,000 people. This resulted in 44 ‘engagements’ which means that 44 people either looked at my link or the ad. I got no page likes out of it and even the people who ‘liked’ the post I had up clearly didn’t read it properly, as it was offering a free copy of The Heir if they commented, not just ‘liked’ the post. It makes me wonder if they were even real people

    • Wendy Noble
      Jun 10, 2014

      Thanks, Lynne. I’m glad to hear it’s not just me. I just might have to go back to begging my friends, as well. Trouble is, I hate to put that sort of pressure on people.

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