Those little candles…

Jun 24, 2017 | 0 comments

Well, it’s a week later and things out in the wide world haven’t improved. You see, I couldn’t write what I wanted to write last week because I was too angry. I’ve found that I should never write when I’m angry as I usually end up having to apologise and rebuild bridges and do some crawling. It’s better to wait until the red before my eyes has faded. Unfortunately these days, that can take some time. I used to be a certified Pollyanna; a perpetual optimist; a glass-not-just-full-but-overflowing person; a “she’ll be right, mate” sort of gal. These days I’m a certified grumpy old woman, but I keep looking for the things that make me laugh and the people who make me think there’s still hope for humanity. Here’s a few examples.

Donald Trump is now suggesting that the border wall between the USA and Mexico could be a giant solar panel and then the Mexicans wouldn’t have to pay as much. How generous. I’m sure the Mexicans are thrilled. (Honestly, can we take anything he says, seriously?)

When the tower block burned down in London, the people who rushed to help were Muslims, Christians and people who don’t believe in anything. Everyone helped. It was a case of humanity being humane.

This year the saiga antelope, the giant panda, the reef manta ray, the large blue butterfly, the Arabian oryx, the Tasmanian devil and the echo parakeet have all been brought back from the edge of extinction. HOORAY!

There is a group called “Preemptive Love Coalition” that has been taking aid into the heart of Mosul for ten years. Even though ISIS is still holding sway there, they persist in taking help to Mosul. Even when their lives are threatened, they persist. They are Christians helping Muslims. That, to me, is what the gospel is all about.

And, then there’s all the funny dog, cat and squirrel videos on Facebook. Sanity-savers, each and every one.

I keep looking for the little candles shining in the dark night. I hope you find some, too.







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