Son’s wedding on the weekend: gorgeous setting by a rock-pool, with ducks in the creek and roses going mad with colour. It was simply a beautiful, happy, loving, joy-filled day and evening. The reception was lit with a myriad of ‘fairy’ lights and the table decorations were giant martini glasses (and I do mean ‘giant’) filled with red liquid and floating tea-lights. Speeches were simple and heart-felt, and totally devoid of sleaze. Food was delicious and abundant. Drinks were varied and free. The cake was outstanding. All in all it was one of the happiest days I’ve spent in a long time.

Instead of the traditional bridal waltz, the bride and groom were announced, they stepped into the room and immediately began doing their version of an Irish jig to some lively fiddle music. Of course, my son never having had a dance lesson in his life, was so bad at it he was hilarious. What a fun way to kick off the party.

Underlying all the frivolity was the knowledge that a lot of the people in that room had experienced deep tragedy in their lives and in the life of their (our) family. Some of us are cancer survivors; some are recovering from depression; some have lost loved ones; some have just welcomed loved ones home from prison and are desperate to keep them from going back; some have had marriages torn apart by infidelity; some are struggling with serious illness… and so it goes on. We’ve learned that faith in God, the strength of a good family unit, and the love of loyal friends are the only things that really matter in life. Where would we all be without love, hope and faith?

I watched our family celebrate my boy’s wedding; saw how they interacted with each other; watched the adults caring for the little ones; saw the affection being shared; younger adults taking time to talk with the oldies; the more physically able assisting the weaker…and I felt, rising up within me, an inordinate amount of pride and affection for that motley crew. All in all, we’re a pretty good bunch of people. Well done, us.

I also realised how blessed I am to have such a family. I know there are millions of people in this world who are not so blessed. I wish you all someone to love you, someone to stick by you no matter what, and someone to come home to at night.
(This has been a particularly sentimental blog this week. Be assured it will resume normal transmission next week.)