So, it’s January 8 and already it feels as if Christmas and New Year never happened. All that cleaning, planning, shopping, wrapping and anticipation and…blrrp!… it’s back to the same-old-same-old. (That’s right: still nothing from the agent.)

I was right back into ‘busy’ mode two days into 2011. I had 4 books to read and review, and clients’ manuscripts waiting to be editted. It’s a little frustrating fixing up other people’s mss, that have already been accepted by a publisher, when mine is still searching for a home but what can you do?! I’m getting fairly steady work from a local publisher and it’s nice to have the income. Even though I still don’t earn enough to have to pay tax, I even applied for an ABN this year. According to the govt’s guidelines I fit into the category: Professional Artist. Woo hoo!

My own YA novel is still missing the last 1/3. At the moment the hero’s in a depressed state: his best mate’s damaged both emotionally and physically, he’s lost all hope of escape, and he’s being nagged by the camels and dragons to ‘cheer up’. He’s doing his best, but it all seems hopeless. The worst of it is his author keeps getting other work to do and seems happy to let him sit and rot. The truth is she doesn’t know how to get him out of there, either, but…ssh!…don’t tell him.

I got a buzz getting my copy of Wet Ink, and seeing my little story, The Snow Goose, there in black and white. I let my neighbours read it and they’re now a little worried about me. Mrs Neighbour put the story down, looked at me with a little frown puckering her eyebrows and said, ‘You’re sick!’ It’s enough to warm the cockles of my heart.

Meanwhile, back at the keyboard, tap tap tapping away. Can’t give up now. I have clients to help, books to review and a small lost boy to rescue and bring home. To quote the cricketing legend, Bill Wotsizname: It’s all happening here!