First, the good news:

One of my editorial clients (from the USA) has just signed a publishing contract. I’m so proud of this guy. He has dyslexia, so writing is a real challenge. It’s been a long, long process but finally it’s all going to happen for him.

Another writer friend, Rosanne Hawke, has just received an award for her YA novel, The Messenger Bird (UQP; Australia). It’s a beautiful story of love, grief and hope and I hope you can read it soon. I’m proud to call Rosanne my friend and my mentor.

Brave Malala spoke to the UN about the right and the need for all children to receive a good education and received a standing ovation. That’s a win for the good guys. So far I haven’t seen any messages of congratulations to the Taliban for shooting this young lady and her friends for going to school. There is still some right-thinking in this world.

Now, the bad news:

Our Prime Minister has announced a policy re the future treatment of refugees to Australia that has left me reeling. I am utterly appalled by it. I had thought that his political party was the one that championed the rights of the underprivileged, but now…I’m very confused.

A talented young man has died due to the poison of heroin. His death made headlines because he was famous. However, he is just one of thousands who die every day due to drugs and alcohol abuse. He lost his parents at a young age and never quite found his way to peace and equilibrium in his life. He mistakenly thought “partying” would dull his pain. The people who make and sell the drugs exploit the suffering of others. They rely on other people’s pain to make money. They’re parasites.

Finally, the in-between news:

I made the mistake of mentioning to Dr P that I’d had some pain in my hip. As soon as it was out of my mouth, I knew it was probably nothing. I told the doc the conclusion I’d reached but, even so, I spent most of yesterday having a CT scan on my chest and abdomen and a whole body bone scan. The bill =$1074.10. (Don’t you love the 10 cents!) I’m now praying they actually find something, just to make it all worthwhile.

But, Wendy, I hear you say, where’s the good in that? Well, a friend gave up her day to sit with me in the hospital in between photo shoots, to keep me company. Her reward: a tuna sandwich in the hospital cafeteria. (I’m the last of the big spenders.) I really appreciated her company as it was a long, long day. But, even more, I felt so blessed to have such a kind friend.

The good people in this world are candles shining in the dark.