It’s a weird, weird world

Sep 2, 2017 | 2 comments

My apologies, dear world. I know I haven’t posted on this blog since July but I was hunkered down in the back room madly trying to get Dragon-friend finished before the deadline: the end of August. I’m happy to announce that I sent it off to the publisher on August 30th! Phew. When we get closer to the launch, I shall be boring you all silly with the details.

So, I re-emerged from my hidey-hole to see what’s going on in the world and…well… You know, sometimes I wish I wasn’t as interested (slightly obsessed) with politics because I’m beginning to wonder if most of the people involved in the process have been drinking too much, or smoking illicit substances. What are you talking about, Wendy? I hear you ask.

Let’s start with America because, why not? Mr Trump’s supporters are bagging out Mr Obama for not stepping up to the plate during Hurricane Katrina. They say that at least Mr Trump went to Houston to comfort and support, whereas Mr Obama was too busy playing golf during Katrina. There are just a couple of problems with that. 1. Hurricane Katrina was during Mr Bush’s presidency. Obama had only been a senator for 7 months at that stage. 2. Even so, he still went to Louisiana and served food to survivors. 3. In the aftermath of Hurricane Harvey, the Obama family were once again seen serving food to survivors. (I saw the photo.) No fanfare, no media, just turned up and served. 4. Mr Trump flew to a town outside the flooded area, had a short media set-up and was gone again in a few hours. He didn’t meet one victim, or serve one meal. So…yeah, I can see why people are blasting Obama about his callousness. Sure…

One of Mr Trump’s “spiritual advisers” claimed that the hurricane’s size and devastation had nothing to do with climate change. It was because Houston has a lesbian mayor. Makes sense to me. I mean, I had no idea that India, Nepal and Bangladesh also had lesbians in positions of political authority! But, they must have, considering the flooding and devastation they’ve just experienced. Lesbians control the weather! Who knew?

And our LNP Prime Minister spent the early part of this year attacking our state premier’s work in converting our energy sources to renewable energy. He called it a “dangerous experiment” and claimed that “clean coal” was a much better option. But, this week he announced a renewable scheme to collect and store energy and it’s the best thing since sliced bread. I must have misunderstood the stuff he said earlier this year. Silly me.

So, (shameless plug) if you want to escape the craziness for a short while and immerse yourself in a world where you might be able to converse with animals – chat with ocker camels, cheer up depressed grivens (think: alien oxen) and fly on the back of honourable yet fearsome dragons – then start saving to buy my books, coming out late October.




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