As the first drop of spilled coffee seeps into the woodwork of my old and decidedly messy desk, I solemnly declare, ‘I christen thee – Wendy’s blog – and may God bless all who sail in her.’ My proud, but exhausted husband is standing by, ready to bring aid if we hit a submerged reef or collide with another vessel.

The dear man has spent most of his annual 4 week holiday trying to wrest my new web-site and blog out of the shipyards and onto the high seas (extending the metaphor). For someone who had absolutely no idea what he was doing, I think he came up trumps. For those who feel sorry for him may I just say: he offered to do it, he enjoys the challenge and he still got to do stuff he likes. He’s ok. So leave me alone.

The trouble is, now that it’s all up and running, I’m going to have to actually write stuff. I know I’ve had ages to think about it but, hey, I’ve been busy thinking other stuff. So here I sit, first day on the blog, and I’m going with ‘make it up as you go’. Mind you, that’s how I handle most things so nothing new there. Don’t worry I’ll pick up speed as I run downhill (notice the change of metaphor?). Eventually I’ll talk about writing books, reading books, why-doesn’t-anyone-publish-my-book, and sometimes I’ll drop the name of someone else who writes books. I’ll also chat about my observations on life, religion, politics, the meaning of the universe and chocolate. (I will? Where’s my subconscious taking me?)

Ok, that’s it for my inaugural sail around cyber-space (does anyone still call it that?). It’s the best I can do on one cup of coffee. I hope you, dear world, are willing to sail out into the unknown with me. It could be fun.