Wendy Noble

Writer, Reviewer, Editor


Children are disappearing from the city of Seddon without a trace.  The city gates are locked and guarded, but still the children disappear.  One night, Seeger and his friend Boyd are taken and they at last understand the mystery.  The abductors are using dragons!  Two days later they arrive at the city of Midrash, where everything serves a military machine – including children who are forced to becoe soldiers.  In a world in which they are daily confronted with violence and the loss of innocence, Seeger and Boyd struggle to maintain their humanity and their friendship.  Their only hope of escape lies with a unique gift Seeger has discovered, but one which he must keep secret from his captors.  He can speak to dragons.

Published by Stone Table Books

Escaping from Midrash was not easy, even riding on the back of a dragon.  Seeger promised his friend Boyd he would return with help to set him and the child soldiers free from the brutality of the Midrashi.  What he does not know is that it will nearly be a year before he finally returns across the desert, with an army and five dragons.  But what will he find after all this time?  Can the Midrashi be defeated?  And what has become of Boyd and the other children?

Published by Stone Table Books

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