I’m baaa-aaack! Anyone notice I went missing last week? Anyone?

Last Saturday the Old Boy and I were invited to a friend’s place for “brunch”. It started at 9am. For my friends, who are very early risers, this was the middle of the morning. For me, a night owl, it was barely breakfast time. The shock to my system lasted most of the day and, somehow, the blog was overlooked. I just hope you all managed to get through the day without me.

I’ve been pondering what to write about this morning. At first, as always, my mind goes to the many injustices and cruelties in the world, which we need to take a stand against and to which we need to say, “Not in my name.” However, today I’m a bit overwhelmed by it all and I just don’t want to go there.

I considered writing something about the death of Mr Richie Benaud, an icon of Australian Cricket and a lovely gentleman, who lost the battle with skin cancer. But, so much has already been said that my little bit would be lost in the deluge of happy memories. Also, it won’t mean a thing to my readers in non-cricket playing countries. Let’s just remember, in his honour, to use sunscreen and wear a hat when out in the noonday sun.

I wondered if it was too late to say something about Easter and decided that it probably was. If you’re a believer you already know why it’s significant and, if you’re not, you might wonder what all the fuss is about. Or, you might just happily consume bucket loads of chocolate eggs and chocolate rabbits and smugly remind yourselves that Easter used to be a pagan festival called Eostre, which you don’t celebrate either.

We’re off to a garden wedding this afternoon. Should be a lovely thing. Somehow, seeing two people pledge their love and faithfulness to each other gives me hope for the world.

So…all I’m saying today is: be kind to each other. That’ll cover most of the above and more.