WENDY NOBLE writes fiction, reviews children’s literature, and has had articles, interviews, and short stories published in a number of magazines.

She also edits manuscripts: fiction and memoirs.

Her e-book, Beast-speaker (The Flight) is available on Amazon Kindle, Apple iTunes and Kobo.



Member of South Australian Writer’s Centre


  • Master of Arts (Creative Writing)
    Tabor College (Adelaide)
  • Graduate Diploma In Christian Studies
    Burleigh College, Baptist Theological College of South Australia
  • Advanced Diploma of Teaching (Primary) – specialised in English and Music, with an Honours year in Music.
    Sturt College of Advanced Education, South Australia

Employment Experiences

  • Classroom Teacher and Substitute Teacher in South Australian Public primary schools and in Private religious schools (Catholic and Independent).
  • Librarian in a Theological College.
  • Examination Supervisor of Correspondence Students, University of New England
  • Sales Assistant, Fashion Department.
  • Public Speaker: Community groups, church groups, church services, writers’ conferences and workshops.
  • Along with Dr Rosanne Hawke, she is the co-founder of the South Australian Christian Professional Writers’ Association.
  • Published: reviews, articles, short stories, humour and e-book (Young Adult).


  • Wendy was born in South Australia, and still lives there. Some say this shows a lack of ambition but she says, ‘I’m just no good with maps.’ Handicapped all her life by an enormous gap between her two front teeth, limited sight and a tendency to faint when hot and emotional, she overcame all odds to become a fat, near-blind, gap-toothed wife of a Baptist pastor.
  • She’s experimented with teaching, demonstrated cross-stitch, supervised university exams and sold women’s fashion. She even lasted four years as a librarian in a Theological College, before they wised up. She’s dreamed of being a writer since she was a child and is still pinching herself now that it has come true. She’s going to stop soon (the pinching), because it hurts.
  • In 1993 she was diagnosed with Breast Cancer and as a result had a mastectomy, six months of chemotherapy and then five weeks of daily radiotherapy. Subsequently, due to the damage done to her lymphatic system through surgery and radiation-treatment, she developed Lymphoedema in the right arm. She likes to share with other women her experiences during this period of her life, and what it is like living as a Cancer survivor. Although the Cancer has made a reappearance, she is still well and intends to live until her old age.
  • She has a passion for Australian Rules Football  (Go the Crows!) and she also enjoys watching a good game of tennis.  But then, she loves watching just about any sporting event, and is delirious when the Olympics are on television.
  • She has two adult children, a son and daughter in-law and two grandchildren. (All achieved at an incredibly young age.)