Who, What, Where

  • Creative Writing Workshops
  • Writers’ Conferences
  • Support Groups
  • Public Interest Groups
  • Public Service Groups
  • Schools, Churches, Craft Groups (and anyone else who’s interested)
  • Church Services
  • Camps, Conventions
  • Dinners, Suppers, Coffee mornings/afternoons/evenings (Not breakfasts, please!)
  • Day Seminars, Teaching sessions
  • Retreats

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So alive, and interesting, helpful and fun.” Workshop Participant

“Fun as well as interesting.” Spokesperson, Community Group

“I was so thankful for your message, its timing and the conviction of the Spirit throughout the time you spoke. I have had numerous people feed back positive comments about your message…How refreshing you are in a world lost for identity.” Pastor

“Thanks for coming…even though you were so unwell. Thank you for your message, your inspiration, prayers and love. Thanks also to Jeanette.” Camper

“A big thank you for speaking at ‘Every Woman’ on Friday night.  I have had such wonderful feedback, you did an incredible job of speaking and the way you tied it all up at the end with a really great sharing of the gospel was fantastic. Our women really enjoyed your humour and warmth.” Organiser of Outreach Evening

My Associate

Mrs Jeanette Cooper is my ministry associate and personal assistant. She takes charge of the practicalities involved in our ministry.

She is my intercessor and a guardian of my integrity.

She will happily speak with, and pray for, people needing a listening ear.

We work as a team and I rarely speak anywhere without Jeanette.  I thank God for her friendship.