This week; take it or leave it.

I’ve been wracking my brains as to what to write about this week. The Old Boy’s out hunting bargains at garage sales; his favourite thing to do on a Saturday morning. The Wonder Dog is curled up nearby, on top of the recliner, having a snooze: one of his favourite things to do every morning. I’ve had breakfast, the second cup of coffee is on the desk, and I’m poised; ready to dispense witty observations, philosophical meanderings and brilliant insights. The result so far? Nada. Nothing. Zip. Zilch. Zero.

Here’s a little observation I will freely share with the world: tendinitis is the pits, baby! It blinking well hurts.

It’s been one of those sad, grey weeks. The Colorado theatre shooting thing was just appalling. The young perpetrator is definitely – to use a medical term – stark-staring-bonkers. I can’t imagine the terror the victims felt. But, I have a little question…please indulge me for a moment…what were people doing taking a three month old baby and a six year old child to the movies at midnight? Different people, different lives I guess. Good on Christian Bale for visiting the survivors in hospital. Nice gesture; although I think he should have worn the Batman suit and made it even more special. Then again, if he did, some would just say he was doing it for publicity. It’s such a cynical world we live in.

Of course, the people of Syria are living through a similar nightmare every single day. And that’s as depressing as all heck. When will the madness end? And what about the starving thousands (or more) in the Sahel (continent of Africa)? This time the rest of the world is in a bit of a bind, economically speaking, so the aid isn’t pouring in like it used to. The Euro’s under threat so people in the Sahel will just have to die. Try explaining that to a starving child.

My son had to take his darling old mastiff dog, Sarge, for a final visit to the vet, yesterday. It was a kindness to the dog, but still gut-wrenching for those who knew and loved him. Of course, when these things happen, old sooks like me can’t help remembering other pets, other visits to the vet, other times of crying oneself to sleep over an animal. I know…I know…try explaining that to a starving child. The thing is we can’t pick and choose what makes us sad.

I’m still waiting to hear news (good or bad) from the publishers to whom I submitted my teen novel, You Cry You Die. It’s a good story, even if I do say so myself. I’m trying not to despair, but I’m seriously tempted. Of course, this week I read about two different authors who have recently written their first novel, and both of them had publishers in a bidding war and both have not only sold said first novel but have made a very handy sum while doing so. Can I just make it clear for any editor/publisher reading this blog: you don’t have to fight for it; you don’t have to offer a squillion dollars. I’d be thrilled if you just put the thing in print. Please.

Meanwhile I’m working on another book. It’s something completely different. I intended it to be light-hearted, humourous satire but – I guess I can’t help myself – it’s become a little serious and now I’m having trouble writing it. The main character has stupidly got herself sick with breast cancer and it’s messing with my emotions. By the way, I HATE the South Australian Health Department’s latest ad for breast-screening. Don’t get me wrong, I’m all for women getting mammograms. But this ad tells women that they should do it to save their loved ones from the pain and suffering they’ll endure if the woman gets cancer. Thanks a lot, SAHealth! Well done, you! Now, all of us with breast cancer can feel guilty for hurting our dear ones. How dare we get sick and put them through that ordeal.

So, my apologies to everyone who loves me. I hadn’t realised that when I got myself a hearty dose of cancer, that I was being so irresponsible. I should have realised what it would put you through.

All right; I admit it. I’m feeling crabby today. I’m tired from lack of sleep and I’m sick of putting up with a stupid carcass that hurts. Tendinitis! Really? What was I thinking? It’s a great blinking painful NUISANCE. A friend prayed for healing for me yesterday. Now it hurts even more. For goodness sake!

That’s it. Cheer me up, people. I dare you.





  1. Ken Rolph
    Aug 8, 2012

    You think you’ve got it bad. Last week I didn’t even get time to read this blog!

    • Wendy Noble
      Aug 9, 2012

      Oh Ken, I’m simply devastated for you! 😉

  2. Sue Jeffrey
    Jul 30, 2012

    Ah. I think tendonitis is a variant spelling – mostly used in the UK. Tendinitis is mostly used in the USA I think, but both are correct. Tendinitis seems to be the more common version. Both hurt. I had severe tendonitis in my elbows last year and fixed them with exercise (light weights at the gym) followed by ice if the tendons swelled up. As for the rest of your week… There are a lot of heartbreaking things in the world but we are ‘programmed’ to care the most for that which is close to us. Cry all you like for past pets because they our lifeline in so many ways and are truly part of the family.

  3. Chris Rodda
    Jul 28, 2012

    Full marks to you Wendy. Last blog, when you mentioned tendinitis, I was thinking to myself that it should have been tendonitis, as it’s the tendon. Finally, after reading your blog today, I had to look it up in my medical dictionary. Sad to say, you are quite correct! Shows what a crappy nurse I must be. (Perhaps my spelling is dodgy, but my patient care is flawless-I wish!)

    Out of interest, I had tendinitis of my left forearm last year. After several visits to the physio, she persuaded me to have acupuncture in the area. I would have to say that it worked a treat, didn’t hurt except when she twiddled the needles to stimulate the blood supply, and if appropriate I would recommend you try it. Up to you, take it or leave it! XXX

    • Wendy Noble
      Jul 30, 2012

      Chris and Sue: I’ve done some checking on tendonitis/tendinitis. I gather both forms are valid but “tendinitis” is becoming more common. This could, perhaps, be because American spelling is taking over the world, but I doubt it. I think it is because “tendinitis” is a natural progression from “tendinous”, which means “pertaining to tendons”. Either way it’s a nasty complaint and you both have my sympathy for having endured it. My problem tendon is the one that runs from the back of the thumb and down across the wrist. At the moment I’m trying rest, strapping and ice, with some anti-inflammatory cream thrown in. The doc keeps making noises about a cortisone injection but has agreed to humour me for a while. I’m a-hopin’ and a-prayin’ this works. I’ve also thought of asking my lymphoedema physio lady if we could try the laser on it, as I’ve heard that can do wonders. I’m seeing her a bit later in August, so if it’s still a pain then I’ll give her first go before the man with the jab. But, thanks for your advice. I’ll keep it in mind.

  4. Liz
    Jul 28, 2012

    Dare refused. why shouldn’t you/we wallow if we need to? This is a messed up world with many, many more examples of things we can be sad and disturbed about, other than the ones you mentioned. They are not things we should ignore or gloss over….our righteous anger and despair are valid. Good on you for speaking out. Don’t stop. xx

    • Wendy Noble
      Jul 30, 2012

      Thanks, Liz. I don’t like to wallow – it’s too self-indulgent and a waste of time – but sometimes I need to vent. I figure if I don’t let off steam occasionally, I might blow the top of my head off. 🙂

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