2017 already!

Hello, readers! I expect some of you have been wondering where I was. Had another bush fire swept through my neighbourhood, forcing me to camp out in a hotel/motel somewhere? Had I partied too hard during the festive season and consequently had to spend some time in rehab? Had the cancer gone a bit berserk, sending me off to hospital? No, no and no. I just couldn’t be bothered.

Oh, I gave you all the occasional thought – I really should write another blog – but then I’d think, Nah. I’ve had a similar approach to the Christmas tree. It’s still sitting in the corner of the front room, blinking its cute little lights at me. I think it’s a tree-version of batting eyelashes. “You can’t turn me off. Look how sweet I am.”

I haven’t been doing nothing; just mainly nothing. There’s a difference. Yes, there is! Don’t argue.

I’ve been madly scrambling to finish the first draft of a new book. It’s nearly done. It’s a faux year-long diary and I’m up to the end of November, so it’s not long now. I’ve also been reading five books to review for Good Reading Magazine. I sent them off yesterday and the relief was palpable. I have a box (a very large box) of entries to a national children’s writing competition, sitting on  the dining table. (I’m one of the judges.) I’m supposed to have them all marked and returned by the end of the month and I’m already having nightmares about it. I saw that one of the entries had the number 930 on it, and it wasn’t the last one!

Then there’s Beast Speaker book two to finish. Some of my readers are becoming a tad insistent about it. All I can say is, Sorry, sorry, sorry.

I promise I’ll get my butt into gear. It’s just that once you stop, it’s really hard to get going again. And, it’s hot and I’m tired. And, did I mention that it’s hot?

I was going to write something chirpy, hopeful and upbeat about a brand new year stretching out before us but, I’m feeling more grouchy than optimistic. We’ve had a number of new years now and we still seem to keep doing the same old junk only, each time, we crank it up to a new level.

Thankfully, there are still plenty of unsung heroes and angelic personalities who have their sleeves rolled up and are in there, boots and all, doing their best to lift the load and help their neighbours. Where would we be without them? Keep on keeping on, you champions! You’re an inspiration to the rest of us, and a challenge to keep our lanterns held high.

I’ll be lifting mine up any time soon. Did I mention that I’m hot and tired?


  1. Ken Rolph
    Jan 31, 2017

    Fairly quickly it has become obvious that any optimism, defiant or otherwise, was totally misplaced.

    • Wendy Noble
      Jan 31, 2017


  2. Ken Rolph
    Jan 8, 2017

    I’m with Christopher Robin. Sometimes I sits and thinks and sometimes I just sits.

    Mostly I was unable to do many of the things I wanted (like getting a new water tank) because the suppliers are all closed until mid January.

    After 65 it all gets a bit samey. You know things might happen that are a bit new, but the overall mix will remain the same. I have noted that many commentators in the past weeks have adopted a note of defiant optimism. We’ll soon know.

    • Wendy Noble
      Jan 9, 2017

      “Defiant optimism” indeed. Like, shaking your fist at the dark. It would be easy to sink into “compliant pessimism” but the reality is that there are always two sides to the coin. I still choose to believe that there is more light than dark, however it sometimes seems to me that light and dark are doomed to dance the same little routine over and over and over…

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