While I’m gone…

The Old Boy, the Wonder Dog and I are heading into the wilds of South-Western Victoria for a week of peace and quiet. While we’re gone I expect you all to behave.

America: the rest of us are watching you with a mixture of bemusement, confusion and a touch of horror. You seem to be imploding. Please make a wise decision on November 8. When we get back I do not want the Apocalypse to have started…as so many of you are suggesting will happen if your candidate isn’t elected. For goodness sake, pull yourselves together – if only for the children’s sake.

Russia: stop meddling in other people’s business. You’re big enough and old enough to know better.

UK: Brexit seems to be hanging around like a bad cold. For goodness sake, make a decision and then stick with it, whether the results are uncomfortable or not.

Syria and Iraq: what a mess! Just wait until your father gets home!

Australia: get your head out of the sporting magazines and have a look at what’s going on around you. I know how much sport means to you – I’m partial to it, myself – but there are bigger things, more important things, life-impacting things that are going on, and you need to get involved.

I’m expecting big things of you all; don’t let me down.



  1. groovyoldlady
    Nov 19, 2016

    I’ve missed you too. LOTS! I subscribed to your blog so my distracted brain can remember to keep up with my favorite Aussie!

  2. groovyoldlady
    Nov 18, 2016

    WENDY! HI! HI FROM AMERICA!!! Oh, wait…you can hear me. OK, I’ll stop shouting. I’m working with 4 high school students (2 are mine: Girly-Girl and Silly-head) on a curriculum called the One Year Adventure Novel. ‘Tis wonderful!
    I was looking at novels I had lying around for examples of various writing techniques. I pulled up “Beast Speaker” to read some of your first chapter to show how immediately you established dread and gave us something bad to expect. It was so good I started reading the whole book again. 😀 When is the next book gonna be out?
    In other news: HOW ARE YOU DOING?????? I’ve missed you. Must be time for me to start blogging again…

    • Wendy Noble
      Nov 19, 2016

      OH. MY. GOODNESS!!! GROOVY!!! I’ve missed you, too. (I’ll send you an email.) Thank you so much for your kind words re Beast Speaker. You have totally made my day! Book two is taking ages to write itself but we’ll get there. 🙂

  3. Trevor Hampel
    Nov 5, 2016

    Ha ha – good one Wendy. Hope you have a great time away. Don’t forget to look at the birds and to admire the flowers. Last week we drove back from Sydney via Broken Hill – wildflowers in profusion everywhere.

    • Wendy Noble
      Nov 5, 2016

      Thanks, Trevor. We always look at the birds, flowers and wildlife. That’s our idea of a perfect holiday. (Oh…and lots of books. We always take a lot of books.)

      • Trevor Hampel
        Nov 5, 2016

        Oh yes. Books. Essential item to be packed. On our most recent five-week trip to Sydney, I took two books in paper form plus about a dozen on my eReader. I managed to get through quite a deal of reading – after the grandchildren went to bed.

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