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Not famous yet

This week I was interviewed by Good Reading Magazine! The interview will be in the next edition, coming out at the end of the month or the beginning of March. It was an interesting experience. Some of the questions they asked were straightforward and easy to answer,...

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Dear coffee

I miss coffee. I miss it's smooth, rich goodness. I miss the aroma. I miss the way my brain would kick in, in the morning, after the first cup. I miss saying, "Let's go out for coffee?" I miss cappucinos. I miss coffee in the afternoon. It would fire me up and keep me...

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In which I get preachy

(My apologies to all my non-Christian readers but I feel I need to say this. Feel free to read the blog, anyway, but I'll understand if you give this week a miss.) I saw something on Facebook extolling the wonders of religious liberty being rediscovered in the USA....

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Well, here it is! What do you think? There’s a bit more rigmarole to go through every time I write a blog, so bear with me: I might have the occasional glitch. But, thanks to the Old Boy, it’s a brand new website for a brand new year. As well as my musings,...

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New year, same me

At the end of the working day, when he could be sitting watching the tennis (ahahahaaaaa I’m laughing myself silly – he’s into cricket), the Old Boy has been doing mystical techie stuff on my website. The upshot is that very soon you will be seeing a brand new...

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Final word for 2017

It’s nearly 2018. Didn’t 2017 fly past?!! Did you achieve any goals this year? Did any dreams come true? Have you dreamt a new dream? Did you make new friends? Have you changed a bad old habit? Did you start a new good habit? Have you developed an interest in a new...

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